Guastapaglia L'irrigazione

Since over 50 years of Service
in the Agricultural Industry

Since over 50 years Guastapaglia Company plans, builds, install or sell irrigation system for: agriculture, greenhouses, farms, gardens, public and private open spaces, sports areas, golf courses, special industry systems, breedings and many other applications.
Guastapaglia Sede Italia In 1950 A. GUASTAPAGLIA starts manufacturing and specializing in irrigation systems, simultaneously developing its products with the still growėng horticultural and floricultural farming industry. From the launch of their products inception patents were obtained for the systems manufactured, some exaples of patented systems are as follows: The oscillating wing system. Better known as "Rain Water Shower Wirn" (1952) The carriage with mobile rods used for spraying against parasites in the greenhouse. (1966)
The equipment was manufactured, designed and assembled in response to the ever increasing demands by local Tuscan floriculturist and nursery farmers helping and in many ways determining the development of certain products. The services and product line were later extended for use to farmers at a national level.
The experience and Know How acquired over the years allows us today more than ever to respond to our clients' demands in the local Italian market and the ever challenging and competitive foreing markets. Thanks to our own highly specialized technical staff, we are capable of designing and manufacturing reliable cost effective State Of The Art equipment; in 1998 was carried out a plant in Antarctica, Terra Nova Bay, to produce fresh vegetables to our scientists working in an environment so inhospitable.
Guastapaglia Sede Senegal
A. Guastapaglia furthermore has at its disposal a fully stocked store capable of satistying any irrigation system need. Whether your looking for a complete system, individual components or just spare parts. Shipping is no obstacle. Our shipping department is structured to ship within the Italian territory or any foreign country.
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